King’s Quest Chapter PS4 Review

After almost 20 years King’s Quest is finally available on Playstation 4! King’s Quest is legendary game that established standards for modern adventure games. This time King’s Quest is remastered with impressive graphics and this is first chapter of the game available with FREE PSN Cards.

At first glance, King’s Quest looks really nice. We can conclude that this is a game of high production quality. Story is the same as in original game, you will again be forced to listen to the King Graham and start your adventures in searching for Gwendolyn. Basically these game is puzzle solving the game, and those who likes such challenges will find that King’s Quest is really interesting game. Entire game is done in cartoon style and this graphic is perfect for new edition of King’s Quest.

Sound and visuals are greatly improved and the graphics now looks really great. The whole setting will bring a huge smile on your face with very nicely crafted audio files, with interesting dialogues and excellent voice acting. You can expect to spend a lot of time trying to solve some quests, but they are worth of your troubles. You will need pure logic to solve such puzzles, mostly of combining certain items and use them in particular order. Such way of solving puzzles was typical for early adventure games that used point and click system and were mostly linear in nature. King’s Quest is trying to combine modern approach with old gameplay style and it is very successful in such endeavor.If you are new to this kind of games, you may feel it as a redundant gameplay style, but once when you understand the gameplay you will certany enjoy on solving puzzle after puzzle.

Everything is balanced and very nicely polished. The puzzles were always the strong point for this game, and they remain almost the same as in the original game. Some things are improved, for example your inventory is now almost endless, so you can put all kind of materials and items in your inventory. After 20 years King’s Quest basically is still an adventure game with point and click system. By being such game King’s Quest must be linear in some sense and such gameplay may not be suitable for modern players that are accustomed to play in endless open world. But, if you are a real retro gamer this title must be in your collection. King’s Quest is really nice surprise that brings good old gameplay enriched with modern graphics.

Goblins and Gold – Trouble in Paradise!

Gems, Gold, and Resources are crucial for successful Clash of Clans gameplay and there is no better unit for stealing all those treasures then sneaky Goblins! Welcome to the tiny Goblin tutorial that will teach you how to bargain and loot in Clash of Clans!When we are speaking about good bargain check this clash of clans cheats tool and let’s go Goblins!

Goblins are in fact the fourth unit that you will unlock in a game and that means that they are made for early levels of gameplay. That is right, but Goblins can be enormously effective in some precise tasks like raiding and gathering resources, even in the advanced levels. They are the fastest units in the Clash of Clans and that makes them fit for activating traps and interfere with defenses. They favor gold, Gems and other treasures, therefore their preferred target are resource buildings and they deals double damage to those buildings. Goblins will run and attack any supply building on a map ignoring all fortifications and units.
To prevent their early death, you can deploy some defencive units like Giants or P.E.K.K.A for soaking damage from Towers.

Barbarians are also good choice for early levels. Once they extinguish all resource buildings, they will start to attack nearby structures. There are many roles that Goblins may play within clash of Clans, but the most important one is a role of typical thief, they are ideal for stealing funds. It is good to deploy Wall breakers first to take down Walls fast, and then use Barbarians or Giants to divert defensive Towers and finally set up your Goblins.

There is also an substitute to Wall breakers, you can use Jump Spell instead. With Jump Spell your Goblins will jump over Walls and steal any reserves placed inside! The greatest weakness or greatest peril for Goblins is splash damaging Towers like Mortars or Wizard Towers. To overcome this send your Goblins in distinct waves and that will avert them to be killed in one shoot. You can once more use Giants or Barbarians for fruitful disruption. You can also use Goblins after you demolished all defenses. They are very fast units and deals double damage to reserve buildings, therefore they are capable to take down any lasting structure at the end of the game. They are also perfect units for activating Traps and specifically Bombs because they are very fast units. They will activate the Trap or Bomb, but they will escape! Goblins are breathtaking unit in Clash of Clans. If you want to collect valuable treasures, gems and gold, Goblins are perfect units for such role.

Puzzless and Ninjas on Nintendo 3ds

There is nothing better than a beautiful puzzle game with ninjas! Pazaru is unique combination of those two elements, it is puzzle game that is not to complex, but will force you to think twice before you make every move that you can play on your tablet or smart phone via 3ds emulator for android.

The game is fast and adorable, that will for sure attract fans of this genre.Pazaru is inspired by orient, so a feeling of East is presented in game design and music. The game itself is very simple, the main objective is to catch all stars on the level by guiding the pointer. It may looks simple, but it becomes complicated on later levels of the game with holes and shadows. Basically, Pazaru dates very simple idea and develop it into many different variants. It is actually a mix of strategy and reflexes that blends info enjoyable puzzle game. You will still need to think deeply at later levels, but overall feeling as fun and enjoyable. For more experience players game offers much more than just the simple completion of initial stages. Each level is supposed to be finished in certain amount of moves, and if player succeed in such attempt he will receive three stars as reward.Pazaru is very simple, but at the same time great puzzle game that combines few simple elements and upgrade them to create original gameplay. Sometimes you will have a feeling that’s the strategy game more than puzzle, and sometimes your reflexes will be needed to pass a level. The visuals of the game are nothing special, but they are not distracting either.

For more creative players game offers creative mode where they can make their own levels and share them with other players. It is very easy to build your own levels and experiment with different parts and elements available. That brings a completely new dimension and social aspect in the game. The game consist of 75 levels and you will need a few hours to complete entire game. Some of levels are really easy, but some are extremely difficult. Graphically, the game is not impressive, we may say it is solid.

The visuals are clear, you will know at any moment what to do on the screen, there is no confusion in the game. The best aspects of this unique puzzle game are long gameplay and ability to create your own original levels. It combines simple gameplay with mindful strategy that is need to solve puzzles. Some of levels may look repeatative, but you can accept them as training of certain moves and skills. Music in the game is attractive, but there are only three available tracks. The music is not dominant part of the game, that is reasonable because you will need to think a lot in order to make right move.Pazuru is great game with simple gameplay that can attract players of any age or experience. It can be very competitive game and very creative if you decide to make your own puzzles.

Stretchmo 3ds Review

If you are looking for addictive puzzle game for the 3DS, Stretchmo maybe the game that you are looking for. If you played Pushmo and Crashmo games you will automatically understand what kind of game is Stretchmo. More than that, is giving a lot of content and is a perfect game available via new 3ds emulator android apk to start with this genre.

At the beginning of the game you will be given access to seven tutorial levels that explain the game’s basic mechanics. Tutorials are nicely done, and after a few levels you will grasp the essence of these game. You will try to soul complicated puzzles that thou sometimes very demanding. Let us explain briefly, the term freeware game in 3ds. First of all, there is no freeware game for 3ds, and Stretchmo is not free game. You may download this game from the shop and start to play, but basically only the tutorial is completely free content. Every other level you will need to purchase, so this game is far from being free. Besides that you can enjoy in the game that is free to start, but it is not free to complete.

There are several games in a series Crashmo, Pushmo, and Stretchmo, but basically they are all about manipulating blocks and structures, some variation of Tetris with modern touch. Stretchmo biggest gameplay addition comes in the capability to stretch objects. Previous games were more about moving blocks around and using gravity to place blocks in order to solve a puzzle. In Stretchmo, the puzzles are 3D objects that can not be moved, but stretched in order to solve puzzle. The primary goal of Stretchmo is to manipulate blocks by stretching. You can stretch them all sides, from the front, back, or either side and solving the puzzle. The goal of the level may be different from freeing little baby or picking flag, but the basic principle remains the same.

If you buy additional levels you will find a huge variety of gadgets with different effects and most of these tools are from previous games. The game will force you to complete each level at the specific way. Level packs will bring different levels of difficulty, but you will be able to find a solution for each level with a little patience. Some of the level packs are extremely simple like Plaza level pack, yet some are very complicated like Corin’s Fortress of Fun.Some segments of the game are more action-oriented than the other, and they will provides a good challenge for your puzzle solving ability. Interesting feature in the game is an option to create your own levels. When you run out puzzles you can make your own! You can create them or use QR levels made by other users.
Stretchmo is good and entertaining 3ds game with certain charm that embraced good qualities of previous versions of the game, Pushmo and Crashmo, but at the same time it is original and interesting enough to be recognizable game itself.

Clash of Clans Secrets

Clash of Clans is casual game that became one of the most popular games nowadays. It is a very simple game of building and defending your base, but they are certain tips and tricks that you should learn to gain advantage over your competition. We collected several tips or Comment avoir des Gemmes Clash of Clan gratuitement to help you in this endeavor.

At the beginning of the game focus your intention to build and develop proper defense. You will get protective shield for first three days and use that time to build decent defense. Do not spend any gems that you will get you will get during tutorial, invested them in buying additional builders huts. At the early stages of the game it is crucial to have enough resources and you can farm very fast if you maintain the number of your trophies relatively low, around 1000. That will insure fast resource collecting and you will be able to upgrade your base. You can also get protective shield if you place your town hall outside the walls. Your opponents will attack your town Hall to gain one star and you will get several hours of protection.That are many strategic options for defense, but the most powerful is the element of surprise. To create that surprise perfect use traps like spring traps or hidden Tesla traps.

You can use your barracks to save some additional elixir, because you can queue troops in Barracks when you are about to go off-line, and restore them when you are at the beginning of your session. That will save a significant sum of your elixir from looters.Try to achieve 1250 Trophies or Sweet Victory achievement and you will get 450 gems if you manage to get 3 stars in this achievement. In order to complete it start at level 6 and search for bases that have Town Hall placed outside their walls.

You can attack just this one building and get a star. Many players are placing their town Halls outside the walls to get protective shield. There are a variety of factors that affect how many resources you can steal from an opponent, and the most important is a Town Hall level. If your opponent is at the same level as you are you will get 100% of resources. If he is three level higher then you are you will get 150% more resources, and if he is 3 level lower, you will get 25% percent of resources. Try to apply our tips in your gameplay and climb the ladder of Clash of Clans success.

Ultimate Giant-Healer Attack Strategy

We are presenting you one of the most used strategy in Clash of Clans that is really powerful and not too expensive. It combines the power of mighty Giants and healing power of Healers into synergy that will crush your enemies. This combination is very useful for farming, but you can also use it in Clan Wars.

First phase is preparation phase. You should upgrade your Giants, off course, Wall breakers and Archers as soon as you can. There are different combinations of Giants, Healers and other troops that you ma use in this strategy. Basically, there are two formations, one is meant for farming, other for Clan Wars. For Farming you should use combination of 10 Giants, 2 Healers, 5 Wall Breakers, 31 Archers, 31 Goblins, 1 Lightning Spell and 1 Healing Spell. To create your army you can try clash of clans hack to get additional resources. That is very effective combination for farming. For Clan wars you should use 10 Giants, 2 Healers, 5 Wall Breakers, 2 Archers, 15 Wizards, 1 Lightning Spell and 1 Healing Spell. As you can see, in farming it is better to use Archers in formation, in Clan Wars use Wizards instead.


You can create variations of these basic formations, they are both very effective. When you are farming try to destroy Air Defense first and to lure Clan Castle troops at the beginning of your attack. Then you should deploy your Healers and place your Goblins and Archers around the base. If you need, use Wall breakers to take down any Walls. When your Giants become vulnerable and at low health, use Healing Spell to heal them quickly. That is basic strategy suitable for farming. When you are going into Clan Wars, the strategy is slightly different. You should first lure troops from Clan Castle by using several Archers and take them down with some Wizards and Lightening Spell. If there are any Air Defense, destroy them with your Giants.

In next phase of attack, deploy your Healers and your Wizards. If there is any need, you can use Wall breakers to take down Walls or Rage Spell to give your units additional speed. Pay close attention to your Giants, and use Healing Spell when I is necessary. There are different varioations of this strategy, some players are using Barbarians, Archers and Goblins in combination with Giants. You should try all those combinations and find the perfect one for you.

How To Sell on Instagram?

Instagram is the perfect social platform for any business that sells products and services, not to mention the fact that the average order value from Instagram is more than 50$! Therefore, you should consider to create a brand profile on Instagram and make it visible to a new market. With Instagram you will be able to gain many new users, you can get more instagram followers free, and use them as starting point for further growth.

Before you can start with actual selling your actual products, you have to understand how to market on Instagram. That means understanding the strategies, the terms and understanding available tools. First step is to complete your profile and make sure you fill in all the sections with as many details you can provide. Connect your Instagram profile with other social network sites like Facebook, Youtube, Tweeter, Pinterest and other similar social sharing sites and connect then in such way when you post some content on Instagram that other social networks transfer that same content instantly. It can be advantageous for your business to be on this social networking platform.After you completed your profile, learn and stat to use search option integrated within Instagram. Search for people connected with your product or business. All such persons are your potential customers, therefore your first task is to find them, follow them and engage with them in order to sell your products in future to them.

When you found your audience, it is right time to start posting quality images of your product and services. Post images and videos of your product in unusual situations to gain interest, but also present regular usage of your product or highlight the benefits of your services. The main point is to get attention of your followers, so that some of your images may go viral and be shared on multiple social networks. Do not forget to brand yourself, because in many cases followers are attached to a person or personality that is behind certain brand. Pay special attention to hashtags. It is actually a marketing science of choosing right and precise words to describe your product or service on such way that your audience or followers desire to buy your product.

Hashtags may be very tricky and you must find right ratio. You should describe your product or service with hashtags, but not in such way that it can be considered to be spam. Effective way is to place two to five hashtags per image. Try to make your own hashtag brand, and if you can be successful in that your images may go viral after some time.In order to start selling on Instagram you must be persistent and have determination. You can not expect that you will sell a ton of products after just few posted images, successful marketing requires time. Therefore, post your images regularly. After some time you will start to get positive feedback and your selling will start. Pay attention to interact with your followers and customers, reward them for their comments, after all they are important factor of your Instagram success.

FIFA 15 Ultimate trading guide

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team involves elements of career building. With complex economy and other factors that are critical in the formation of your dream team. Let us be honest, EA made this game to earn some money. If you do not have any money you can always try Fifa Ultimate Team 2015 Coins Free and get few coins more. You can approach FIFA Ultimate Team with buying tons of packs for real money, but you can also do it on a different way as it is described in this useful video:

You can build a basic team and directly start to play online or you can play on various tournaments offline. There is little point to be buying low priced players it is better to skip a step and acquire a gold player for the same price. Flagship envelopes are key when you start playing and you have absolutely nothing. Try to collect as many coins as possible and search the market. One of best new features for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is possibility to get players on loan. Before you even start to sign your players, you should start by setting the formation. The truth is that there is no better formation than another. All of them have strong and weak points and you should decide which one is better to you. Each match you play counts down the number of contracts on a player, and do not use use your silver and gold players at the beginning. Use bronze players while they’re cheap and effective and later switch silver and gold players.

Remember that Transfer Market will take 5% for any trade. Before selling/reselling your player remember to include a minimum of 5% to the buy price or sale price. You can have multiple teams and you can have teams with just bronze players, silver and bronze players, and a gold-quality team. Many players place players on the Transfer market for just one hour. This is the great opportunity to get many players for a very low price. Many times you will find a good player with a very low price. Don’t spend your coins for nothing, save them to buy quality players. Good strategy is to make a lot small profits by trading with a couple of popular players and sell them for a little profit. Many popular players can be bought and you can easily sell them for higher price. We are hoping that this guide will help you to save a few extra coins.

Important Tricks in Clash of Clans



In this post we will try to get you some basic clash of clans tips. These are not cheats, just some tricks i found during my playing sessions.

Before you convey your first troop, be mindful of which assets you’re striving for. In case you’re set for trophies to climb the positions, you’ll have to be contributing a considerable measure of troops to get a few stars on your attack. You’ll likewise need to tap mixture saves in the event that you need to recharge (or procure back) assets for troops. When you’ve done that, it’s only a question of focusing on the most influential resistances for those assets. Use monsters to draw fire from towers at first, then divider breakers to break, then more titans to clean up resistances. Savages, wizards, and toxophilite can bite on structures once ranges have been cleared of gun and mortar shoot, while trolls can direct path for assets. Be aware of what number of troops you drop in, however. You need to have the capacity to force off a win while blazing through as few as could reasonably be expected.

Get assaulting amigos

When you’ve maxed-out your town level, experienced the single-player levels, and remade your palace, you’re likely really in-your-face about the amusement and prepared to begin getting into sorted out group play. Not just are these extraordinary approaches to standardize in the amusement, yet facilitated assaults can help you accumulate some really great pulls, as well. Remember that in spite of the fact that you can utilize factions to get back to as a part of up, you’ll be relied upon to contribute troops as well – its a collaboration, when it’s all said and done. Convey routinely about what you’re dependent upon, get guidance from senior individuals when you’re attempting to make sense of what to do next, and have a ton of fun! Your group may have desires for aggressive alliance play, which can get really extreme.

coc1Punch your weight in Clan Wars

Assault unstarred towns initially, since you and your group have the most to pick up from assaulting them. At the point when picking focuses without precedent for Clan Wars, let the amusement’s matchmaking make sense of a decent rival for you. In the event that you wind up succeeding against harder adversaries, your lower level associates may have some major snags managing an identical increment in test. In the event that you try for simple ones, then you’re taking endlessly great rivals for those lower-level partners, constraining them into fights they can’t win. Punch your weight, and the entire group wins.

Tailor your armed forces in Clan Wars

You’ve got an entire day to plan before war commences. Utilize the scout capacity for your target foe settlement to get a lay of the area, and construct your armed force around crushing it. On the off chance that the dividers are low level, go area. On the off chance that the air barrier isn’t redesigned, go air. Make particular demands in your family talk for the sorts of troops you need to send in. Recognizing the qualities and shortcomings of who you are assaulting will help you fabricate the best armed force to go up against it.

Your top Clash of Clans tips, traps, and tricks!

For an easygoing amusement, Clash of Clans has an amazing measure of profundity. In the event that you’ve got any individual techniques for winning greater, speedier, and better, abandon them in the remarks, or sing out for help with especially precarious circumstances.

Coolest technologies for gamers at 2014 year’s E3




No new reassures appeared at the current year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Anyway we saw a lot of new innovation that advises us that the equipment that has recreations could, up to this point, be depicted as a supercomputer. Without a doubt, we generally get amped up for recreations, however its a certain wager that your most loved title has some truly cool tech behind it. Furthermore some new advances may even empower an entire new era of diversions. E3 did have some no-shows. Valve’s Steam OS and the Steam Machines from its accomplices were lost without a trace in light of postponements that pushed the items into 2015. Here’s viewpoint on the best new innovation demos that we saw at E3 2014.

1. Square Enix Project Flare.

flerAny depiction of Project Flare needs to begin with “In the event that it lives up to expectations….” That’s on account of the “cloud-gaming 2.0″ innovation, initially portrayed in November, is still in the tech demo stage. At the same time Square Enix director Yoichi Wada has a group of 20 taking a shot at empowering a gaming upset, putting a web-associated supercomputer because of gamers. It could make conceivable virtual amusement planets that have 17 times the playable region of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the 2012 recompense winning dream title. By utilizing a more productive mix of web-joined server farms and programming intended for the cloud, Square Enix trusts it can supplant comforts with virtual supercomputers. You can log into enormous amusement planets, play both single-player and multiplayer encounters in the same space, and see gigantic quantities of diversion characters all represented by individual manmade brainpower.
2. Oculus VR

okulusOculus VR demonstrated some genuine amusements being developed from its accomplices. The organization has flaunted a considerable measure of advancement since it initially appeared at E3 two years prior. Presently the organization has a ton more validity, as it is going to be procured by Facebook for $2 billion. A year ago, the organization flaunted its 1080p Oculus Rift virtual reality headset advancement pack. In January, it took the wraps off rendition two of that improvement pack. That form went far to wiping out movement affliction, as it had positional following and it erased the blurry edges that made us queasy. This time, Oculus VR flaunted demos, for example, Playful Corp’s. Lucky’s Tale, a stage amusement in three measurements; Alien: Isolation, a virtual reality adaptation of Sega’s up and coming support diversion in view of the Alien establishment; and a demo named Superhot by the Superhot Team where you could solidify the activity in a 3D diversion keeping in mind the end goal to evade shots.

3. Sony’s Project Morpheus.

soni pictureSony’s virtual reality headset is running somewhat behind of Oculus Rift, regarding the nature of its demos. However Sony officials say they’ve been chipping away at the tech for the new medium of virtual reality for a long time. With their current advancement unit, they can hotshot virtual reality demos with a 1080p superior quality showcase and a 90-degree field of perspective. Sony divulged Project Morpheus at the Game Developers Conference in March with a few demos that incorporated a shark assault scene, where you remain inside a steel confine and get brought down into a sea and encompassed by water.